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Happiness Cru

Established in 2021 by Travis J. the Poet, the Happiness Cru is the representation of the brand Travis J the Poet created, Happiness Should Never Fade, the should is you. These shirts were made to help us realize that Happiness is a choice and no matter what we are going through, we are more powerful when we look at the brighter side of things. When you wear our brand, it will be the light in the room whether you're trying to or not. Choose happiness today and get your Happiness Cru Gear now!!


Travis J The Poet is an American spoken word artist who can also be found on all streaming services, displaying his poetry across multiple platforms.


The most common topic of discussion is addiction, mental health, recovery and inspiration to live a clean and happy life. The Happiness Cru is a movement whose message is clear. Happiness should never fade. You can find Travis J The Poet's books wherever books are sold and the audio versions are on all streaming platforms as well. Make sure to follow Travis J The Poet and Shattered Addict Writing on all social media for future updates

Happiness Cru
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