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Trevor Totten

"Walk away and walk with God"



Beginning in May 2024 starting in Nova Scotia and travelling west across Canada as far as the roads lead

Journey to recovery started:


A Bit About Me

I was very young when I started walking down the road of addiction. I left home before I turned 16 and moved into my drug dealer's house as this was just 1 of many bad choices I made while walking this road for 35 years.


While walking this road I walked away from everything good in my life. There were times I'd get the good back, only to walk away from it again.


I started my walk with God, for the first time,  in 2011. Life was so much better, good things were happening, including restoration with my kids and family members. Things were going great until foolish me  turned away from God, not all at once, and thought, I've got this now. It didn't take long and was starting to fall back into old patterns and my old way of thinking. Next thing I know im worse off now then before I turned to God in 2011. Again I had walked away from everything/everyone good in my life.


When the words Walk Away came to me I had no idea what they meant, after all I had nothing good left in my life to walk away from.


It was a bit before I realized it was God talking to me, telling me to walk away from everything that was holding me down/back.


Next thing I know, following God's lead, I'm making plans to walk this country,  wherever God wants me,  in hopes of showing others that it is possible to Walk Away from whatever is holding you down/back.


I am Walking Away from addiction and I am walking with God every step of the way.

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