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About our Brand

Cannabis Toggery is a cannabis apparel wholesaler and online retailer based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Like regular people with a dream to succeed, we lit one up and came up with a great plan. Now over 6 years in the business, here we are today with exponential growth year over year! 


Our products are branded locally using other local small businesses who also provide the products. We ship everything ourselves as we believe in sending you top tier products handled with care. Everything we sell is bought in Canada and shipped to you with new products arriving all the time!

We are the creators of the East and West Coast Stoners, True North Stoned and Free, United Stoners and more clothing brands, as well as exclusive cannabis related media. Our goal is to end the stigma surrounding the term "Stoner". Be proud of your Stoner title and wear what you are!


All of our content and products have been brought to you from the minds of stoners and our ever growing Cannafam ♡  With this growing support, our mission is to remove the stigma of Cannabis use with high quality clothing you can design and wear with pride!

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